A return to my park at the north end of my Rez

Pooches, when we awoke this morning the prognosticators were saying that there would be several rainy days this week beginning with today.  When Starlight and I went outside the raindrops were already spitting down from time to time.

My manservant said he had work to do in a nearby village and departed in the Hybridmobile for that obligation without going on his walk/run.  It was the perfect morning for napping which Starlight and I did until my manservant returned from the nearby village in late morning.  He suggested that we try to go on an excursion right away because the rain would likely be here in earnest later in the day.  We wasted no time in boarding the Hybridmobile.

It had been quite a while since we had gone on an excursion in my park at the north end of the Rez.  The Hybridmobile took the back country lanes during our journey and we soon were bounding about my rarely visited park.  Rain continued to spit off and on as Starlight and I covered as much territory as possible.  An attempt was made to traverse my newly discovered trails but recent rains had left them quite muddy and our hiking attempt was abandoned.

The smells were plentiful and we finally agreed that our sniffers were becoming sore from so much activity.  We finally headed back to our den where we enjoyed an unimaginative meal of egg salad and PB&J sandwiches at our picnic bench as the rain continued to spit.

My manservant plans on spending the afternoon reading for tomorrow’s class in his new academic endeavor at his alma mater.  Starlight and I will, no doubt, nap.



The trail didn’t seem to be too muddy when we began our hike.


Starlight, I can’t remember when there were so many smells!


Sunshine, your Rez looks quite handsome from this vantage point.


Starlight, I guess it is time to head back to our den for lunch.


Why does it have to rain?


I hope tomorrow’s lunch will be a bit more imaginative!

























































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