Marvelous Monday

Pooches, what a fine day this has been weatherwise!  My manservant declined to go on his walk/run this morning and, instead, undertook housekeeping chores around our den.  Starlight and I napped off and on while my manservant went about his activities.  Because breakfast had not been offered to Starlight and me, we were quite hungry by the time my manservant returned from his Monday yoga class.  As soon as he walked in the den we urged him to prepare lunch quickly.   In a short amount of time we were ravenously dining on boeuf stew and hot water bread at our picnic bench!

The spectacular weather begged for an excursion to my school park today.  We boarded the Hybridmobile and, after several errands had been run, the Hybridmobile headed there expeditiously.  Pooches, it was much like a spring day at my Rez.  The sky and water were bright blue and the SUNSHINE was abundant.  A chilly breeze blew from the north but the SUNSHINE combated the chill quite nicely.

Much sniffing and frolicking ensued before Starlight and I spent some quiet time contemplating the beauty of the day and life in general.

It was a good start to the week, pooches!



When my manservant returned from yoga class we enjoyed boeuf stew and hot water bread.


It seems the authorities are always finding something new to build at my school park.


Sunshine, your Rez is as smooth as a puppy’s tummy today.


I wonder. When is my ship going to come in?


This is a dandy spot for contemplation.


Starlight said it was her turn for contemplation.

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