One celebration after another!

Pooches, there’s big news in our den today!  First, after spending all morning and part of the afternoon conducting leaf-gathering activity, my manservant finally announced that all leaf-gathering activity had been completed for the season.  Additionally he announced that never again would he even so much as pick up a single leaf!  He vowed that next year he was going to engage an industrious and sedulous individual to take care of all leaf-gathering duties around our den.  He was quite emphatic about it, pooches.

In order to appropriately celebrate the occasion my manservant headed to the kitchen saying he was going to create a masterpiece out of leftovers.  In a short amount of time we paraded to the picnic bench and enjoyed pork rib/rigatoni enchiladas swimming in cheese and a wee green salad!  Woo hoo!  It was delicious.

There’s even more news, pooches.  Today, of course, is the annual Burn’s Night Dinner.  We customarily celebrate it in the quiet of our den but tonight we are headed to a fine eating establishment where, in customary fashion, Starlight will recite Burns’ Address to a Haggis after I say the Selkirk Grace.  Because we’ve not done this in public in past years Starlight and I will be practicing our speaking parts all afternoon and there will be no time for an excursion.  After two days of intense leaf-gathering I don’t think my manservant can move anyway.  He seems to be immobile on the Davenport.

Pooches, I know you’ll join me in wishing ‘Robbie’ a Happy 259th birthday.

Enjoy your haggis tonight!



Our celebration of the end of leaf-gathering season included rib/rigatoni enchiladas and a large green salad.

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