Lazy Tuesday


Pooches, our pack has been worthless today.  After an early breakfast with Starlight in the kitchen my manservant hopped in the Hybridmobile to attend to his walk/run at his walk/run park.  He had grand plans for the remainder of the day to be spent gathering leaves.  It didn’t happen.

The downfall in his plan started when he returned from his walk/run and remembered that today was supposed to be a belated wash day.  After the first load of wash had been started he made the mistake of sitting down on the Davenport rather than retrieving his leaf-gathering equipment.  He decided to do a bit of reading and that was it for the day.

A break in reading was taken in late morning and a fine lunch was prepared and was enjoyed on our picnic bench.  Dishes were dutifully washed, dried and returned to the cupboard before a discussion was held about our excursion destination.  Many suggestions were made but we finally settled on my arboretum.  The Hybridmobile was quite pleased we chose my arboretum because it is just down the lane.

The weather was beautiful and just enough chill in the air to keep us cool while we bounded to and fro down the trails sniffing all the while!  My manservant finally called an end to the excursion saying he had much more reading to do today.  Humph.



Starlight joins my manservant for a breakfast of bacon, porridge and a scone. I had breakfast in bed.


Short loin of boeuf with a lettuce wedge makes for a fine lunch at our picnic bench.


Starlight, it has been a while since we’ve come to my arboretum on an excursion.


Starlight and I can’t be rushed when we’re investigating a new scent.


Sunshine, all those white birds seem to be enjoying the sunny day.


There seems to be an endless supply of those birds!

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