Discombobulated manservant

Pooches, today started off being one of those days.  Shortly after we crawled out of bed and joined my manservant for breakfast the skies opened and rain began pouring down for a couple of hours.  My manservant had planned to visit his walk/run park before he traveled to his alma mater for his new academic endeavor but the rain cancelled those plans.  At the appropriate hour he gathered his supplies for class and donned his student costume.  The Hybridmobile was pulling out of the drive when a message was received that class had been cancelled.

My manservant doesn’t handle a change in routine nor an abrupt change in plans very well, pooches.  For the remainder of the morning he was discombobulated and scarcely accomplished anything.  Because he had planned on being in class all morning he forgot that today was yoga class day and he missed that class as well.

I suggested to him that he needed to reboot his mind and start the day all over again.  That seems to have worked and lunch preparation soon got underway.  After making quite a mess in our kitchen we sloshed out to our picnic bench for a lunch treat of fish and chips splashed liberally with malt vinegar!  Woo hoo!

Now that he was back in his routine, after the pots and pans had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard, my manservant called for an immediate excursion.  The rain had stopped and the SUNSHINE was shining brightly as we headed to my overlook in the Hybridmobile.  There were only a few visitors there and the Hybridmobile had its choice of parking spots.

The ground was still quite soggy but we enjoyed a lengthy stroll and sniffing session along the upper reaches of my overlook where it was not as squishy.  Starlight and I were surprised at all of the smells we found after the morning’s heavy rain.

We’re back at our den now where nap time will be commencing shortly.



We’re enjoying an early lunch of fish and chips with malt vinegar at our picnic bench.


When it was pouring down rain this morning we never thought it would turn out to be such a pretty day!


Starlight is practicing her squirrel stalking skills.


There’s no doubt, Sunshine, old stumps house the best smells.


If it weren’t so soggy in our back yard we could spend the afternoon napping there.


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