We’re getting warmer…

Pooches, the arctic grip has loosened and we’ve been well above freezing for the first time since  early Tuesday morning!  Woo hoo!  Naturally, after a breakfast of bacon and tatties, an excursion was in order to enjoy this spell of nice weather.  We headed to my manservant’s walk/run park (I’m thinking about renaming it my walk/run/skate park) in the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile aimed for every bump in the carriageway to shake loose the last of the ice that had been stuck to it for days.

There was a little ice remaining on the footbridge as we crossed the still-frozen creek and we used the utmost caution.  Starlight and I spent a bit of time sniffing along the line of woods before heading to the creek for a round of ice skating.  It was quite fun but our pads soon grew a wee bit numb from the cold ice and we called it a day.  We were unable to coax my manservant to join us.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



I’m just looking to see what’s for breakfast.


Mind the ice, Starlight. It’s still a wee bit slippery.


The smells are returning nicely.


Don’t eat that yellow snow, Starlight!


The geese have a nice view from out here.


Sunshine, let’s pull your manservant down ice to the footbridge!

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