Arctic excursion

Pooches, Starlight and my manservant were the early risers in our pack this morning while I ‘slept in’ with my womanservant.  After brewing a pot of coffee my manservant tackled another frozen pipe in the kitchen.  It wasn’t long before he met with success and Starlight suggested that he make a batch of scones for breakfast to celebrate his plumbing skills.  Half and hour later he and Starlight sat down at the table and began their feast of white chocolate/raspberry scones with plenty of java.

The arctic weather remains today but the prognosticators are promising a warm up this weekend.  Despite the cold (it was -12ºC this morning, pooches) in midmorning my manservant declared that it had been too long since we had been on a ‘real’ excursion.  Woo hoo!  Starlight and I cheered and heartily agreed before heading to the closet to retrieve our heavy winter coats.

The Hybridmobile was a bit reluctant to ferry us for our excursion because of the cold weather but my manservant promised it an extra liter of motor oil this afternoon and the deal was made.  We shivered down the lane with a destination of my sunken Trace park.

There was still plenty of snow scattered about but despite the weather conditions Starlight and I were able to find several interesting  smells around my park.  After much sniffing and hiking our toes grew cold and the decision was made to return to our den to spend the remainder of the morning napping.  Our plans are for steaming bowls of chili for lunch as we dream of spring weather returning.



Starlight admires the white chocolate/raspberry scones my manservant cooked for breakfast.


There is still plenty of snow at my sunken Trace.


Starlight, mind the slick spots.


Sunshine, let’s go get our toboggan!


I guess it is time to return to our den. My toes are cold.

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