Deep South or Deep Freeze?

Pooches, say it ain’t so!  After a rather pleasant day yesterday during our day of rest and recovery from our road trip over the weekend, Starlight and I were looking forward to the resumption of our excursions today.  That was not to be.

When my manservant returned (rather quickly, I might add) from his morning walk/run at his walk/run park he announced that it had begun snowing lightly outside.  Starlight and I ran to the window to spy the ever-so-faint snow falling.  We did, indeed, spot an occasional flake or two falling and thought nothing of it.  My manservant prepared a stick-to-your-ribs dish of bangers and cheese grits for our breakfast and suggested that we dine at our picnic bench.  Because of the falling temperatures Starlight and I were not convinced that was the way we wanted to eat breakfast our breakfast but accompanied my manservant in a gesture of support as he marched to the picnic bench.  Because of the frigid temperature our breakfast picnic didn’t last long, pooches, and we soon were back in the comfort of our den finishing breakfast.

The temperature continued to plummet all morning while the wind blew stronger and the snow became heavier.  When it was obvious a regular excursion was not feasible today and we decided to take an excursion by strolling through the poochhood.  Our excursion lasted about 30 seconds (shorter than our attempt at our breakfast picnic) because as we walked out of the door and bitterly cold winds blew stinging snow in our faces.  An about-face was executed and it was decided to focus on lunch rather than an excursion.  We were soon enjoying tomato basil soup with crème fraîche and a ham salad in front of a roaring fire while vowing to remain indoors the remainder of the day.

See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday, pooches!  My manservant resumes his annual academic pursuit tomorrow at his alma mater so my post might be a wee bit late.



As it started to snow my manservant thought it would be fun to eat of grits and bangers at the picnic bench. Not!


This weather better not interfere with the resumption of our excursions.


We’re headed out the door for an excursion through the poochhood.


You can walk through the poochhood all you want but we’re going to be in front of the fireplace!


Tomato basil soup with crème fraîche accompanied by a ham salad makes a tasty lunch on a cold day.


Stay warm tonight, pooches, stay warm!

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