Pooches, we need some decent weather in these parts!  We’ve had dreich weather for the past two weeks or more and our daily excursions have taken a serious hit during that time.  Inside of a steady rain today we had a sloppy and soupy foggy mist when we  awoke.  My manservant lost interest in going on his walk/run this morning rather quickly and Starlight and I prepared ourselves for another day without an excursion.

After travelling to a nearby village to carry out a bit of work in midmorning, my manservant returned to our den near lunchtime.  Instead of serving lunch as is customary he began preparation of tonight’s meal.  He did provide some snacks which we ate gleefully before heading outside to inspect our backyard.  Pooches, we were delighted to discover the smells had returned after our extended bout of artic weather!  Much sniffing was done to make up for a lengthy period of being without them.

We had a lazy afternoon and after the evening meal Starlight and I headed to bed a wee bit early for the evening while my manservant went outside to play with his camera in the fog.



You can call it an ‘excursion’ if you want to but it’s not!


Are we ever going to see warm days with plenty of SUNSHINE again?


Starlight, there might be some good smells back here for a change.


So this is where all of the good smells have been hiding for the past two weeks!


The Hybridmobile sits silently in a sea of sloppy and soupy fog while Starlight and Sunshine snooze inside.


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