Another weather-related cancellation

Well darn, pooches!  Just when winter released its icy grip on us the rain returned.  There was steady drizzle when we awoke this morning.  Starlight and I rolled over and went back to sleep.  After an hour or two the rain subsided and allowed my manservant to hurry to his walk/run park for his walk/run until the rains returned.

Today is wash day and my manservant occupied himself with wash day duties after returning from his abbreviated walk/run.  Starlight and I insisted on a fire in the fireplace to compensate for a chilly and drizzly day.  As the hour for yoga class approached my manservant suspended his washing detail and donned his yoga costume.  Starlight and I were pleasantly surprised when he returned from yoga class bearing crab claws (in a box, not on the end of his arms).  Woo hoo!

Despite the annoying drizzle outside we marched to the picnic bench and enjoyed our tasty lunch.  After lunch we concluded that an excursion was not going to happen today.

Starlight and I tried to decide what we would do this afternoon if there was to be no excursion and concluded that it was the responsibility of my manservant.  We posed the question to him and are still waiting for an answer.



Our pack was determined to enjoy our crab legs at our picnic bench despite the light drizzle.


If we can’t go on an excursion because of the dreich weather what do you propose that we do?

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