Stupid weather!

Pooches, the frigid air is still with us.  We awoke this morning to a temperature of -11°C!  Once again it was clear that the temperature would stay below freezing throughout the day.  My manservant indicated a walk/run was out of the question.

In an effort to cheer us when we realized that hibernation was a better option than an excursion, my manservant headed to the kitchen and prepared a breakfast of ham with Crêpes adorned by fresh fruit and maple syrup.  Woo hoo!

It was a wild hair that we decided to attempt a picnic in the frigid weather!  When breakfast had been plated we foolishly ran to our picnic bench and posed for a picture.  We managed one bite of ham before we scrambled to get back to the safety of our den where we finished breakfast in civil conditions.

The remainder of the day is going to be hibernation for our pack, pooches.  Stay warm wherever you are!



Starlight, I predict we’ll be here no longer than 45 seconds before we flee back inside.


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1 Response to Stupid weather!

  1. J. Matlock says:

    My Mummy thinks your breakfast looks delicious. So do I. We live in Florida & it is cold here too. So much for it being the Sunshine state. Stay warm. Love, Lucy

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