Arctic excursion

Happy New Year, pooches!!  Here’s hoping the best to everyone in the coming year.  And let’s not forget warmer weather!

Pooches, it is beyond miserably cold in these parts to the point of downright dangerous cold.  Of course my manservant chose not to undertake a walk/run this morning.  We remained huddled in our den knowing venturing outdoors risked freezing solid!  Fred and Buttons returned to Elvistown and after we bade them farewell (securely from the confines of our den) we decided to begin our morning naps under the covers.

We slept quite peacefully until my manservant roused us from our sleep and cheerfully announced that we were going to undertake an excursion!  Foolish as it was, Starlight and I bundled up and headed to the Hybridmobile II who was in disbelief.  The Hybridmobile II faithfully shuttled us to my overlook (shivering all the way).  As we stepped outside at my overlook a brutal icy gale hit us in the faces!  A mad dash was made for the shelter of my multi-use trail where the wind was at least blocked partially  by the trees.

Pooches, it goes without saying that our excursion was short-lived and we finally made a mad dash back to the Hybridmobile II.  Our intentions are to remain inside in front of a fire for the rest of the day except for occasional very important business.

Keep warm, pooches!



Good grief! It must be 100 degrees below zero out here! 


Even the smells are frozen.


Starlight, I wonder why no one else is out on my multi-use trail this morning.


Sunshine, I think it is time to abandon this foolish walk and head back to the Hybridmobile before my paws freeze solid!

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