Another cold and dreary day

Pooches, it appears winter is not planning on letting up soon.  My manservant managed a brief excursion this morning before returning to our den and suggesting that we stay inside for the remainder of the day.  A quick breakfast was prepared and we eschewed the picnic bench and enjoyed our meal in the warmth of the kitchen.  As soon as breakfast was completed and the dishes had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard, my manservant began work on our lunchtime meal!  Hooray!

Our pack is still in recovery mode from the busy Christmas holiday.  While our lunch was slowly cooking in the oven my manservant performed a few tasks around our den while Starlight, Buttons and I snoozed.  He finally departed in the Hybridmobile to run errands, most important of which was a visit to our pooch food and toy store for supplies.  I gave him a long list.

Upon his return near lunchtime final preparations were made for lunch and we paraded outside in the rather cold weather to enjoy a fine meal of boeuf short rib on cheese grits.  Woo hoo!

The sustenance obtained from lunch enabled us to mount a litter patrol through the poochhood for our excursion.  Buttons was quite excited to participate and enthusiastically pointed out litter for my manservant to retrieve throughout our excursion!

Pooches, having heard the weather prognosticators prediction for the next week we might be spending our time throwing logs on the fire rather than going on excursions.  Brrr!



Although it hadn’t warmed up much we decided to celebrate our tasty lunch of braised boeuf short rib on cheese grits at our picnic bench.


Physics lesson learned: cheese grits congeal quickly when served outside on a cold day.


We treated Buttons to a litter patrol of the poochhood for today’s excursion.


There’s a piece of litter at nine o’clock!


That was a nice excursion through the poochhood but I think an afternoon in front of a fire is appropriate at this time.



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