Our routine is suspended

Pooches, the activity level around our den has been ramped up to high following yesterday’s much-needed day of catching our breaths.  My manservant said he didn’t have time for a walk/run this morning because of all the preparations that would be underway for our Christmas weekend.

It was still early when my womanservant and Starlight headed out in the Hybridmobile II for an excursion combined with running errands.  My manservant and I left simultaneously with similar plans.  Our first stop was at the market for a long weekend eating.  The Hybridmobile groaned under the load when all groceries had been placed aboard.  We had just enough time before yoga class to either stop for an excursion at one of my parks or go to market #2 for another round of shopping.  Our decision was made by the Hybridmobile who claimed it couldn’t hold another package.  Off to my manservant’s walk/run park we went!

There was nothing noteworthy in our stroll around his park and we returned to our den just in time for my manservant to head to his yoga class.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



Futbol fields never have the good smells.


Rules, rules, rules. They might as well make a sign that says “DON’T HAVE FUN IN THIS PARK.”


It is peaceful here today.


Why are those humans making all that racket?


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