Catch our breath day…

Pooches, once again my manservant headed to his walk/run park in the dark this morning.  It was exceptionally foggy outside and as they departed I urged the Hybridmobile to use its foghorn frequently on their journey.  As Starlight and I returned to our bed we could hear the Hybridmobile bleating along the carriageway as it headed to my manservant’s walk/run park.

When my manservant returned he confirmed that the fog was “as thick as butternut squash soup” (our pack doesn’t care for pea soup, pooches) and that there was a damp chill in the air.   All errands required for Christmas had been completed to the best of our knowledge and we decided to spend some quiet time on our Davenport catching our breath from the busy days this week by doing a bit of pack snoozing.  My manservant, feeling a bit under the weather, led the way in snoozing and Starlight and I soon followed.

Because he was feeling a bit “off his feed”  my manservant prepared lunch for just Starlight and me as lunchtime rolled around.  Acknowledging that he was not going to partake in lunch my manservant used our food bowls to serve the remaining spaghetti from yesterday’s lunch.  Pooches, it is the only civil way to eat!  Starlight and I plan to make the use of our food bowls a customary occurrence.

It was such a pretty spring-like day my manservant agreed to a brief excursion in mid-afternoon.  We found ourselves enjoying perfect weather in my school park where smells were abundant.  A leisurely stroll along the waterfront concluded our excursion before returning to our den for the remainder of the afternoon.



We’re having a reprise of yesterday’s lunch of spaghetti in the proper fashion!


From now on our bowls are always going to accompany Starlight and me at the picnic bench.


What a fine spring-like day it is at my school park.


The Hybridmobile is quite proud to have its own ramp to be used when boarding.


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