Seven days until Christmas!

Pooches, I can tell it is going to be a busy week around our den!  My manservant was up early and left in the dark to carry out his morning walk/run.  He returned to our den and immediately started working on wash day duties.  Starlight and I napped.

In mid-morning my manservant said he had a long list of errands to run and temporarily abandoned his wash day duties to tend to some of them.  The Hybridmobile returned a couple of hours later quite exhausted by all of the running to and fro around our village.  My manservant hastily prepared a tasty pizza which was enjoyed by all at our picnic bench.

Fortunately an excursion was on my manservant’s ‘to-do’ list for the day and we soon boarded the Hybridmobile and headed to my boat launch park.  It was an unusually warm day and Starlight and I took full advantage of the warm weather to find as many smells as we could.

We’re back at our den where my manservant has returned to wash day duties.  He was hoping to place decorations on our Christmas tree today but has concluded that activity will have to wait until tomorrow.  We can’t wait, pooches!



Stop taking pictures of the pizza and let’s eat it instead!


Woo hoo!


These bushes always have the best smells under them but it’s hard to get to them.


Starlight, let’s go in opposite directions to see what my manservant does.


Sunshine, we have incoming at eleven o’clock!


Starlight thinks this is her ‘regal’ pose.

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