Inside excursion

Pooches, what an overcast and cold and dreary day it has been.  My manservant managed to force himself to go on his morning walk/run early this morning before beginning another morning of leaf gathering upon the conclusion of his walk/run.  Throughout the morning the leaf gathering tools were in action.  Finally, in late morning, my manservant reported that he ran out of energy just as the supply of leaf-gathering bags was exhausted.  Because it was time for his yoga class he pronounced rather gleefully that the leaf-gathering activity was concluded for the day.

After my manservant returned from yoga class he prepared a steaming bowl of chili which we enjoyed on our Davenport due to the cold and dreary weather outside.  As we enjoyed a rare lunchtime dessert of a hot cherry turnover, my manservant said that any excursion Starlight and I wanted today would have to be done within the confines of our den.  He said his plan for the afternoon was to be a shining example of lethargy.

Once again, pooches, a day has passed without excitement.  Perhaps Silent Saturday will provide Starlight and me with some notable activity.  Of course it will have to be after more leaf gathering.


It is the perfect day to sit inside with a steaming bowl of chili!

Say, that cherry turnover looks rather tasty.


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