Pooches, not much to tell you about today.  My manservant decided to skip his morning walk/run in an effort to begin leaf-gathering in earnest.  After breakfast the leaf-gathering activity commenced and continued through the morning.  Lunch was gobbled down quickly by my manservant in order to return to leaf-gathering.  It was mid-afternoon when he finally declared an end to it for the day.  An excursion to my manservant’s walk/run park was undertaken as soon as his leaf-gathering tools had been stored.  It was a fine day for hiking through the forest but the excursion proved boring

Perhaps we’ll find some excitement tomorrows, pooches!



Our excursion began today at my manservant’s walk/run park.


There’s no telling what kind of creatures live under that overhang!


It is hard to make out where the trail is with all of the leaves covering it.


Starlight, I think this trail has come to an end.


It was a fine afternoon to come to my manservant’s walk/run park.

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