Belated wash day excursion

Pooches, my manservant made another feeble attempt at his walk/run this morning in his walk/run park.  When he returned to our den he reported that it went “so-so” and I knew that after his bout of sniffles a few weeks ago he still was not his old self.  Nevertheless, chores had to be done and among them were the wash day duties which had been forgotten yesterday.  The duties took a sense of urgency because our den is hosting overnight visitors from a far-away state tonight.

When the wash day activities had been set into motion my manservant turned his attention to breakfast.  A poached egg on whole wheat with Swiss cheese and back bacon proved to be a hit with our pack as we dined at our picnic bench.  While we dined Starlight and I brought up the subject of the need for leaf gathering activities to begin but my manservant ‘shushed’ us and the conversation came to an abrupt end.

Throughout the morning my manservant continued with wash day activities and other housekeeping duties.  As lunchtime approached the remaining pork chops, celeriac mash and a smidgen of gravy from yesterday’s lunch were heated and hastily enjoyed in our dining room before our excursion in the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile, anxious to ensure that we were at our den when our guests arrived, decided we could enjoy our excursion at my nearby school park and off we went.

It proved to be another beautiful day at my school park, albeit a chilly one.  Starlight and I headed to my stairway up the hill which overlooks my Rez.  Much sniffing and bounding about took place.  We had a grand time in the dry leaves as they crunched under our paws.  After an extended excursion the Hybridmobile urged us back in order to return to our den to ensure that we were present when our visitors arrived.  Who would have expected our Hybridmobile to be such an attentive hostess?

Starlight and I enjoyed our afternoon naps while my manservant spent the afternoon honing his culinary skills by cooking a variety of treats in the kitchen.  The aromas that drifted out of the kitchen finally convinced Starlight and me to end our naps and report to the kitchen for sous chef duties!  You never know what might fall on the floor!

See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday, pooches!



We’re enjoying an early morning cup of java and a breakfast sandwich (whole wheat, of course) at our picnic bench.


Sunshine, it is another beautiful excursion day at your school park!


Because we’re sheltered by the trees from the cold north wind we decide to just sit in the SUNSHINE and enjoy life.


You know you’re wealthy when you can get enjoyment from hearing the dry leaves crunch as we march through them!


The last one back to the Hybridmobile is a rotten egg!

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