Vegetable cornucopia

Pooches, after a weak attempt at his morning walk/run, my manservant returned to our den and began performing a variety of chores (he forgot it was wash day) outdoors.  Much thought was given to beginning a long session of leaf gathering but ultimately it was decided to delay that task just a wee bit longer.

Yoga class was on his agenda in late morning.  Upon his return from yoga at bevy of vegetable were retrieved from storage and cooking was begun.  After half an hour we paraded out to our picnic bench where we enjoyed a cornucopia of vegetables (Starlight and I opted for the chop).   Later, after the pots, pans, plates and utensils were washed, dried, and put away in the cupboard, Starlight and I boarded the Hybridmobile for today’s excursion.

Pooches, after suffering through near blizzard-like conditions on my trace last Friday, today resembled a spring day!  Starlight and I had a grand time sniffing at both my boundary park and my overlook. The weather was sunny bright and warm and begged an extended sniffing sessions at both parks.  The only depressing aspect of our excursion was the abundance of carcasses of snowmen.  How sad.

We’re back at our den where much nap time is being planned.



A wee pork chop with a smidgen of gravy, celeriac mash (also with a smidgen of gravy), steamed baby broccoli and roasted carrots provide for hearty sustenance on this spring-like day.


Don’t look, Starlight. It is another carcass of a snowman.


It’s such a glorious day at my boundary park that we’ll have to stop by my overlook and check it out on our way back to our den.


Sunshine, the level of your Rez is getting quite low.


As we neared the spot where my leaning tree stood we spent a moment in silent meditation.


Did you say something?



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