Not your normal excursion!

Pooches, after two weeks of being out of our routine and just beginning to return to normalcy, we awoke this morning not to “a chance of a snowflake or two mixed in with the rain overnight” but to one inch of snow on the ground and continuing to snow madly and it soon became five inches of snow.  Starlight and I briefly investigated the oddity in our back yard before quickly returning inside our fair den and building a roaring fire.  We would have been content remain in front of the fire for the remainder of the day but my manservant soon insisted that we visit my overlook park and enjoy the rare event.

Shivering, we hopped in the Hybridmobile and buckled ourselves.  My manservant had not thought of the Hybridmobile’s opinion of an excursion in such weather!  It took considerable whining and pleading by my manservant before the Hybridmobile finally relented and crept quite slowly down the lane.

The Hybridmobile did an admirable job of driving and, after an extended period, it pulled into one of the many empty parking places at my overlook.  Pooches, my overlook appeared magical in the ever-growing heavy coat of snow.  Starlight and I found it hard to breathe with the air nothing but large snowflakes swirling around.

We had a splendid, albeit short, romp about my park.  Our paws soon bellowed complaints about being frozen and we were forced to return to the Hybridmobile.  Once we were safely back at our den I rang my womanservant to enquire about the status of her return from the Big Easy.  I’m pleased to report that she is safely en route to our den despite driving across miles and miles of icy bridges!

What a day it has been!  Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!  Perhaps we will have thawed by then.



Sunshine, what on earth has happened to our back yard during the night?


My overlook is beautiful in its winter dress! Sniff.


Starlight, finding good smells is a wee bit difficult this morning!


Starlight, hurry and hop in, my paws are frozen! I knew we should have worn our galoshes.


Our Cardinal friend is demanding that the feeder be restocked.


I  do not like this one bit!

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One Response to Not your normal excursion!

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Sunshine, Loved your story about the snow in Mississippi. Who would have thought it?! Stay warm and tell your manservant to buy you & Starlight some booties to protect your paws & allow for proper romping in the snow. As a West Highland White Terrier, you look good in the white winter wonderland of your overlook. Prayers that your woman servant (aka Mommy) gets home safely. In the meantime, stay warm in front of the fire. Your Friend, Lucy in Florida, were is it not snowing and isn’t even cool which vexes my Mom.

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