Excursion despite the dreich day

Pooches, today continued our cold and dreich weather.  My manservant did his best to carry out his walk/run at his walk/run park this morning but judging from the amount of time he spent there before returning to our den I think it was an abbreviated walk/run again.  A rather odd breakfast was enjoyed indoors when my manservant prepared leftover collards (and cornbread).  His reasoning was that we needed to clear out our icebox of leftovers before we could justify a planned pizza party this evening.  We ate with gusto in an effort to successfully meet our objective.  There was a wee bit of collards (and cornbread) remaining after we had eaten our fill but we felt that we could easily polish that off at lunch.

We spent much of the morning debating whether or not to build a fire.  Ultimately it was decided to postpone that activity until this evening in conjunction with our pizza party. After finishing the remainder of the collards (and cornbread) for lunch we headed to the Hybridmobile for an excursion despite the miserable weather.

The Hybridmobile shivered along the way to my Indian mound park which was chosen to protect us from the cold wind off my Rez.  We hopped out upon arrival and undertook a brisk walk (to keep warm) around said park.  Because  we reasoned the ticks were too cold to be active, we took the opportunity to strike a path through the forest and explore new areas.  The cold finally convinced us that the exploratory endeavor could take place on a warmer day and we headed back to the warmth of the Hybridmobile.

Pooches, my womanservant departed this morning for a night in the Big Easy before returning briefly tomorrow for a party and then heading to Elvistown Saturday!  Once again I was assigned the responsibility of entertaining (supervising) Starlight and my manservant in my womanservant’s absence.  I shall do my best.  *Sigh*



Starlight, do you think the authorities are ever going to finish this sidewalk?


Starlight and I admire the grand ol’ bois d’arc tree.


It’s probably safe to go into the forest today. As cold as it is all the ticks are probably in front of their fireplaces.


I don’t know which way to go to get back to the Hybridmobile. Don’t you?





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1 Response to Excursion despite the dreich day

  1. J. Matlock says:

    I love reading about your adventures.

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