Back to routine

Pooches, finally.  I’m pleased to report that we are back to normal in our pack!  This morning we awoke to a threat of an all day rain but it had not arrived and my manservant quickly headed out for a wee walk/run in his walk/run park, the first walk/run in many moons.  As soon as he returned to our den he suggested an immediate excursion because the promised all day rain was on our doorstep and would be here at any time.  Starlight and I immediately headed out to the Hybridmobile and climbed into the back seat before buckling ourselves in.  The Hybridmobile merrily ferried us to my school park because it is my closest park and the rain was imminent.

Ominous skies greeted us as we reached my school park but undeterred Starlight and I immediately headed toward the waterfront.  We both had a difficult time switching our noses from mountain smells to my Rez smells but we were soon in our old form and sniffed to and fro around my park.

It wasn’t long before the ominous skies began spitting rain and the decision was made to return to our den for another day of cocooning.  Shortly after we reached our den the rain came down in earnest and we settled in for a long morning (and afternoon) of napping.

See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday pooches!



Starlight, it is so good to get back to regular excursions!


Sunshine, we’ll have to get used to non-bear smells again.


I believe we are in for a wee bit of a blow.


I feel like we ought to ‘batten down’ something or ‘stow’ something!


Here comes the rain. It’s time to run!


Those humans are going to get wet if they stay outside

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