Edging toward back to normal

Pooches, our pack had high hopes that we would be returning to our normal schedule today after our holibobs that past week and a half but it was not to be.  Having neglected his morning walk/run for more than a week, my manservant once again set it aside in order to carry Starlight to an early morning checkup with her vet.  I was pleased to hear that the vet proclaimed Starlight to be on the mend and road to recovery when my manservant returned to our den with a grumbling Starlight in tow.

My manservant claimed he was still recovering from a nasty respiratory infection (slight case of the sniffles) and he said today would be a cocooning day.  When he explained he was not up to going to yoga class this morning Starlight and I knew there would be no excursion.  I suggested to my manservant that he needed to take a proactive approach to recovery and cook a ‘down home’ lunch to promote his healing. It was then that a gleam appeared in his eyes and he quickly headed to the market.

After all cooking had been completed a couple of hours later the early afternoon provided a bounty at our picnic bench.  When our appetites had been satisfied we waddled inside for an afternoon of snoozing while my manservant supercocoons.  We’re stuffed!



My manservant says if we can have supermoons then we can have supercocooning days.


Gee! It certainly smells good.


My manservant was prescribed a ‘down home’ meal by me: smoked pork neckbone, cabbage, black-eyed peas, and hot water bread. Boy, Hidy!


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