Travelling Thursday

Pooches, our pack spent the day today returning from my mountain park where we had enjoyed holibobs and frolicked for the better part of a week.  Starlight and I snoozed on the back seat most of the journey today while my womanservant navigated the Hybridmobile II and my manservant sat “shotgun” nursing an enthusiastic cold.  He sought sympathy but none was offered because we didn’t want to encourage his self=pity.

With my photographer out of commission with his cold no photographs were taken to document my day.  I am including one taken last night when a rather large visitor awakened Starlight and me from our slumber.  Starlight threatened to put on a coonskin cap and get a blunderbuss to “bag” her first bear but when I pointed out she would have to go outside of our cabin to “bag” the bear she decided to stay safely inside our log cabin.  Besides, there wasn’t a blunderbuss to be found.

I hope our excursions resume tomorrow, pooches!



My manservant negligently failed to lock the rubbish bin yesterday afternoon and we were awakened during our slumber in the night by this sizable visitor who made a loud bang as food was retrieved.

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