Monday in my mountains

Pooches, our road trip continues.  A strenuous hike in the upper elevations of my mountains was undertaken by my womanservant and manservant today while Starlight and I spent the day guarding our log cabin (and hot tub).  When they finally returned to our cabin a bit worn out, a fire was built and our pack enjoyed fine eye of boeuf rib, baked tatties and a wee green salad for the evening meal.

Our plans for tomorrow call for Starlight and me to leave the log cabin (and hot tub) to fend for themselves as we join my womanservant and manservant on a spectacular excursion in my mountains.  Woo hoo!




Starlight and I enjoy my creek while my manservant grills our eye of boeuf rib.  Woo hoo!




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