Frosty morning and cold lunch

Pooches, we awoke to a frosty world this morning.  My manservant bundled up before heading to his walk/run park for his morning constitutional.  When he returned to our den he began his wash day duties.  It was a dull morning as the highlight was having a closet cleaned until some kindly gentlemen arrived to move and install Starlight’s new agility equipment.  As soon as they arrived Starlight took over as supervisor and barked orders to them throughout the process.  Urging them “to use extreme care as this is a delicate precision instrument” Starlight was relentless in her command of the situation.

With the A frame finally installed to Starlight’s satisfaction we began a discussion of what to do for lunch.  It was still quite cold outside and my manservant suggested that we eat a late lunch before taking an excursion when it was a bit warmer.  Starlight and I agreed and my manservant headed to the market for lunch and dinner supplies.

Pooches, when lunch was finally prepared we headed to our picnic bench and enjoyed a fine meal of chopped liver!  Woo hoo!  We ate until our bellies were full (which happens fairly quickly with chopped liver we discovered).  Feeling a wee bit sluggish after lunch we decided to make a quick visit to my overlook before returning to our den and napping off our lunch.



We’re ready for the chopped liver!


Keep it coming!


I’m glad there isn’t a north wind blowing, Starlight, or we’d be popsicles!


It always makes me happy to see my overlook park being enjoyed by others.


Let’s just sit here a little longer and enjoy the peacefulness of my overlook.

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