Continued monitoring of suspicious

Pooches, it has been a routine Friday in our den. Starlight and I have continued barking at all of the suspicious vehicles and humans roaming the poochhood.  My manservant performed his usual morning walk/run and, being Friday, headed to his yoga class before lunchtime.  When he returned he headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  Starlight and I declined his offering and choose to eat yesterday’s leftover boeuf instead.

On this last day of “no excursions” we once again enjoyed a stroll around the poochhood inspecting all of the work being conducted.  It was difficult to stroll with all of the large equipment moving to and fro but we did our best to avoid being run over!  A few suspicious places were discovered.  We’ll keep our eye on them!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



Starlight and I enjoyed yesterday’s leftover boeuf T-bone while my manservant ate chicken pad thai and egg drop soup for lunch.


This certainly looks suspicious!

Starlight, we caught them while they're active.

We finally see them when they’re active.



Did you say something?


I guess there’s nothing but junk mail today.


Sunshine, do you want to come look at my new A-frame?

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