Inspecting activity in our poochhood

Pooches, even though we’re taking a break from excursions for a few days this week it doesn’t mean that our den isn’t a beehive of activity!  When my manservant returned from his morning walk/run Starlight and I met him at the door quite excited about all of the activity in our poochhood.  For several days now there has been all kinds of equipment in the streets blocking traffic and digging numerous hole in yards everywhere.  This morning the activity had increased to the point that Starlight and I couldn’t take our morning naps because of the need for incessant barking at strangers and equipment that came too close to our yard!

My manservant simply shrugged his shoulders and began his morning chores.  Because no excursion would take place today Starlight and I suggested that a stroll through the poochhood would be in order to make sure there was nothing amiss from all of the activity.  My manservant agreed but said our stroll needed to wait until after a special lunch he was going to prepare.  Starlight and I waited patiently.

When we finally paraded out to our picnic bench my manservant reveal a grand lunch of a boeuf T bone and a pile of buttery garlic and chives mash!  Woo hoo!  It was with full bellies that after lunch we fairly waddled through the poochhood on our inspection.

Pooches, I’m glad to report there was nothing amiss was found.  Burp.



Boeuf. It’s what’s for dinner.


You two don’t be laggards!


It looks to me like a wee bit of leaf gathering activity is in order.


It’s a hard life.

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