Excursions abandoned for the week!

Pooches, my manservant dutifully undertook his walk/run this morning as usual before returning to our den and resuming a major project that he began yesterday.  I could hear grumbling and sharp words all morning coming from our front yard.  Starlight had been carried to her groomer early this morning and she missed the commotion.   I tried to ignore the noise as I napped but on one or two occasions I had to open the front door and ask my manservant to lower the noise.

Starlight was retrieved from her groomer in late morning and when lunchtime rolled around my manservant prepared a steaming dish of Rumpledethumps (the first of the season).  Starlight and I preferred pooch treats (steaming hot potatoes burn our lips) and we all enjoyed dining at our picnic bench.

During our lively banter at lunch my manservant suggested that we take a temporary break from our excursions this week.  After much discussion Starlight and I said we were willing to try it but only if we had the option of changing our mind later in the week.   Thus, today was another day with no excursion.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, pooches?



Starlight proudly shows off her new furdo when she arrives back at our den.


Starlight and I wait patiently for the ‘alright’ command to enjoy our pooches treats while my manservant leisurely eats his Rumpledethumps.




“Now the darkness gathers, Stars begin to peep, Birds and beasts and flowers Soon will be asleep.”

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