Meditation Monday

Pooches, it was quite the unusual day around our den.  My manservant attended to an abbreviated walk/run at his walk/run park before returning to our den and enticing Starlight out of her morning nap location and placing her in the Hybridmobile.   Consternation filled the air at this unusual activity because both Starlight and I felt she might be headed to the vet.  Our consternation was justified, pooches,  because that is just what happened!  Poor Starlight.

It seems Starlight was due for her annual shots but, as related to me by my manservant on their return, the vet discovered a malady which required immediate attention.  Despite my manservant’s insistence that the problem would be easily resolved I went into action upon their return to our den.  A candle was lit and placed on the hearth and I patted Starlight’s wrist in an effort to comfort her.  She was not keen to have a cold compress placed on her forehead so I abandoned that effort.

It was obvious that an excursion was not going to be a part of our day and I thought it was a wise decision given my need to focus on Starlight’s care.  It was a difficult job, pooches, because Starlight kept insisting on running about our backyard and chasing any squirrels that came in sight despite my insistence that she return to her sick bed.

As I often do to unwind from a busy day, I headed out to our back yard after tonight’s dinner to spend a wee bit of time in meditation before heading to bed early prepared to monitor Starlight throughout the night.


Mister, please turn off that light!  Can’t a body get a little bit of quiet time around here?

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