Finally Friday!

Pooches, my manservant did his usual walk/run thing early this morning before returning to our den and announcing that it was time to perform a wee bit of “fall housekeeping” today.  He noted that he didn’t have yoga class due to the holiday and it would be an ideal time to undertake the sorely needed activity.

Vacuums were whirring, mops were scrubbing and rags were dusting all morning.  It didn’t take long for Starlight and I to realize there would be no excursion today.  My manservant had such enthusiasm for cleaning that Starlight and I almost got into the activity before common sense returned and we decided to nap instead.

A fringe benefit of all of the cleaning was when my manservant decided that he deserved some gratitude for his hard work and he fetched a boeuf burger (on whole wheat, of course) and curly chips as a reward.  The meal was thoroughly enjoyed at our picnic bench which was moved to its fall/winter location before we dined.

My manservant has now returned to his madman-like housekeeping activity and us pooches are off for naps.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



Woo hoo! We get the first bite!



It’s our turn again!

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