Torpid Thursday

Pooches, after my manservant’s walk/run this morning he spent most of the morning running errands while Starlight and I slept.  When he finally returned he hastily put together a quick lunch of brawn for Starlight and me and stuffed banana peppers for himself.  Go figure.

We traveled to my sunken Trace in the faithful Hybridmobile.  Instead of selecting one of the available picnic tables my manservant said he wanted to dine closer to nature.  He selected a fallen tree and immediately perched on the trunk and placed our lunch on the ground.  Starlight and I made it clear that this arrangement was unsatisfactory and our lunch was placed on the trunk of the fallen tree.

A limited romp around my park followed lunch but my manservant said he had a teeth vet appointment and we were forced to return to our den for the afternoon while my manservant headed to his appointment.

Pooches, all in all it was quite the torpid day.



It don’t know what it is, Starlight. I think my manservant called it brawn.


Why are we eating on the ground?


This is a wee bit better.


Sunshine, that brawn was rather tasty.


It’s another spectacular day at my overlook. We should build our den right here.


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