Monday munching and manicuring

Pooches, as often happens my manservant headed to his walk/run this morning in the dark.  When he returned he immediately headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast to fortify himself for a morning of lawn manicuring and leaf gathering.  He was still not finished with his activity in our back yard when he came inside to change into his yoga costume for yoga class in late morning.

Upon his return from yoga class he decided to wait until tomorrow to complete his back yard activity.  Instead, he headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  Pooches, I’ve never heard of a chicken/broccoli casserole sandwich before but that is what he prepared for lunch.  Because of the appearance of the sandwich Starlight and I decided that it would be a bit too messy for polite pooches to eat and we opted for duck strips.  We marched out to the picnic bench and chowed down!  As we ate our duck strips my manservant raved on and on about his sandwich.

When excursion time arrived (it was delayed a bit to complete a few Monday morning errands and wash day activities) we headed to the Hybridmobile and wound up enjoying a picture perfect afternoon at my school park.  We had it mostly to ourselves and enjoyed bounding about in the cool breezes.

We’re now headed for our afternoon naps a bit late but they will be enjoyed just as well!



My manservant cooked a hearty breakfast burger in preparation for a morning of lawn manicuring and leaf gathering.


With a wee bit cleaner back yard than we had at breakfast we enjoyed duck strips for lunch while my manservant ate a chicken/broccoli casserole sandwich for lunch.


It is a nice afternoon at my school park, Starlight.


Is this my good side?


I wonder when my ship is going to come in?

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