Napping Friday

Pooches, after my manservant’s walk/run this morning and his return to our den, he reminded Starlight and me that it was a yoga class day and that early excursions were advisable on such days.  I encouraged my manservant to go to the kitchen to prepare a suitable picnic breakfast while I went outside to clean up the boot of the Hybridmobile.  My manservant has been leaving junk in it for some time now and, because it is our dining room on excursions, I decide to stop waiting on my manservant to clean it and make it a proper dining area.

When breakfast had been prepared we joyfully jumped in the Hybridmobile accompanied by the smell of bacon wafting out of our breakfast bag!  The Hybridmobile decided to take us to my Indian mound park for a walk through the forest.  It purred quietly down my Trace before pulling in my park and selecting a shady parking place near the trailhead.

The first item on our agenda was breakfast, of course.  As we took our places in the boot of the Hybridmobile, Starlight and my manservant oohed and ahhed at our clean dining area.  Bacon biscuits were brought our of their wrapping paper and, although the biscuits were a bit travel-worn, the bacon was quite tasty as usual.

After breakfast we enjoyed an energetic hike through the forest to the trail’s end at my Rez.  The weather was quite pleasant and, as usual, the smells were abundant.  It was difficult to pull ourselves away from the forest and return to our den in order for my manservant to get to his yoga class.

Breaking news, pooches!  My manservant joined us yesterday for an afternoon nap and apparently plans to do so again today.  I believe we have a convert!


My old-fashioned manservant insists on still using wax paper for our picnic sandwiches (a smashed biscuit/bacon in this case).

Sunshine, I believe the moss on this log would glow in the dark!

Uh oh. Should we go left or right?

The moss hanging from the trees always makes this section of forest a wee bit spookier.

I believe we have reached the end of the trail.

Starlight, we’ve been gone a long time. I hope the Hybridmobile wasn’t too worried.

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