Uneventful Thursday

Pooches, my manservant went for an extra-long walk/run this morning in his walk/run park.  He returned to our den and begin looking up recipes (usually a good omen) for various dishes he planned to prepare today.  When he said he was first going to work on a dish of marinated crab claws Starlight and I announced our approval by a round of applause and cheering.  The announcement of the second dish, Quinoa Tabouli, was  not received as warmly and we did our best to cover up our looks of disgust.  We then headed for morning naps hoping to dream about the crab claws and not the quinoa as the culinary activity began.

At excursion time my manservant said that we would have to obtain lunch on our way to my Saturday park because both the crab claws and tabouli required time for the flavors to meld.  Starlight and I immediately suggested that a boeuf sandwich would be a fine choice.  The Hybridmobile dutifully motored to the boeuf sandwich establishment and we were soon enjoying lunch in the boot of the Hybridmobile at my Saturday park.

The remainder of our excursion was as uneventful as our morning had been.  Starlight and I strolled the length of the park but no ‘gators were observed, my Rez was calm, and there was a general dullness surrounding the activity.  Bored, we hopped in the Hybridmobile looking forward to afternoon naps.


This is our obligatory pre-lunch pose in the boot of the Hybridmobile.

Starlight, you missed a good scent over here.

I’m too busy on ‘gator patrol to be bothered with sniffing!

Sunshine, let’s go play on the playground!

I’ll bet the Hybridmobile is unhappy with my manservant for leaving its front door open.



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