Cousin Maggie goes home

Pooches, it was a sad day around our den today because it was the day Cousin Maggie was going back to her den.  To acknowledge her departure my manservant cooked a fine breakfast sandwich that contained a little of most everything in the icebox.  We paraded out to the picnic bench where, although a bit messy to eat, the sandwich was joyfully consumed.

After a few errands had been run my manservant spent most of the morning playing with his new toy that arrived in the post yesterday.  Cousin Maggie, Starlight and I napped for most of the morning, with only a few breaks taken in our back yard to chase and bark at those pesky squirrels.

It was nearing excursion time when we all went out in the back yard to continue to harass the squirrels and play a wee bit when my manservant announced that this would serve as our excursion today!  Starlight and I were not happy with the decision but my manservant was firm in his resolve.  Cousin Maggie kindly expressed her condolences.

Pooches, it is going to be a bit quieter in our den with Cousin Maggie absence!


At breakfast we were all focused on the whole wheat muffin with turkey bacon, egg, homemade sausage, cheese and Sriracha. Quite tasty!

What do you mean this is our excursion for today?

Chasing squirrels in our back yard will do that to you.

There’s nothing that a good roll in the grass won’t make better.

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