Muffin Monday

Pooches, my manservant headed out this morning for his walk/run but returned a short time later reporting the it was too cold at his walk/run park to enjoy the exercise.  He decided to prepare an extravagant breakfast for Cousin Maggie instead and we soon had muffins coming out of our ears (just an expression, pooches) at the picnic bench.  After enjoying breakfast my manservant plopped in his reading chair for a bit of reading before his yoga class.  Cousin Maggie, Starlight and I napped.

It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that my manservant agreed to take us on an excursion.  It seems he was reluctant to take an excursion with three pooches and a camera in tow.  Why I don’t know.  At any rate the Hybridmobile carried the lot of us to my school park for Cousin Maggie to see the glory of my alma mater.  Pooches, it turns out that this was Cousin Maggie’s school as well!  It’s a small world!

It was a fine afternoon and the three of us (with my manservant in tow) bounded to and fro about my park, sniffing, barking, running, sniffing and barking.  What fun we had and we were disappointed when it was time to return to our den.


My manservant dazzles Cousin Maggie with a breakfast of turkey bacon, a poached egg with cheese, orange marmalade, with each on a whole wheat muffin with a serving of fruit on the side. “Do you know the muffin man who lives on Drury Lane?”

It seems Cousin Maggie hasn’t quite mastered the “wait” command.

Cousin Maggie is reminiscing about her old school while Starlight and I get busy sniffing.

Sunshine, do you think Cousin Maggie is going to catch that goose?

Starlight and I look at a noisy boat on my Rez while Cousin Maggie wonders why we didn’t take the stairway.


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