Maggie’s excursion

Pooches, my womanservant and Starlight left for a distant village yesterday afternoon for another long weekend of agility competition and left me in charge of our den until their return.  After my manservant’s walk/run this morning he returned to our den and was soon followed by Cousin Maggie who is visiting me for the weekend.  Woo hoo!  She arrived just in time for a breakfast of ham and eggs which were enjoyed at our picnic bench.

My manservant ran errands all morning while Maggie and I played in our den between naps.  We talked about excursions and I told Maggie she could pick our excursion destination today.  She was quite excited and immediately said she wanted to go to my overlook and see where my leaning tree once stood (or leaned). She also wanted to know if I thought we would be having tacos on one of our picnics.  I told her she would have to wait and see but as soon as my manservant returned from one of his errands I put a bug in his ear (just an expression, pooches) about her wanting tacos.

When lunchtime arrived we marched out to our picnic bench (Maggie led the parade) and my manservant pulled out a plate of overstuffed tacos!  Woo hoo!  We munched heartily and were pleased to see that we had plenty of leftovers for this evening’s meal.

Excursion time arrived and Maggie excitedly hopped into the Hybridmobile and strapped herself in.  The Hybridmobile was soon gliding ever so softly down my Trace.  A shady parking spot was selected when we reached my overlook and a lengthy saunter around my overlook was undertaken.  We were quite entertained by a parasurfer on my Rez who traveled repeatedly from shoreline to shoreline.  The fall weather today provides a perfect time for such activity!

The somber moment arrived when we finally reached the spot where my leaning tree once stood (or leaned).  Maggie, my manservant and I took the opportunity to observe a moment of silence at the very spot where the dastardly deed occurred.  After wiping our eyes we continued our saunter around my overlook but with a wee bit less spring in our step.

All good excursions must come to an end and we finally made our way back to the Hybridmobile.  No doubt we’ll be having another fine excursion tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


Now those are what I call fine tacos!

Maggie enjoys hopping through the tall grass of my overlook.

I wonder if he’ll let Maggie and me go parasurfing?

Maggie, you certainly picked a spectacular day weather-wise to visit my overlook!

Pooches, shh! We’re observing a moment of silence in memory of my leaning tree.

I took Maggie to see the wooden menhirs erected by prehistoric pooches who lived in this land.


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