Day of cocooning

Pooches, what weather we have in these parts!  My manservant went on his walk/run this morning and about the time he returned to our den the wind picked up and another round of cooler weather moved in.  As he has been threatening to do for the past week  my manservant declared today to be a day of cocooning for our pack.  Starlight and I urged him to reconsider so we wouldn’t miss our excursion.  We were relieved when he said we could cocoon all morning before eating lunch and enjoying this fine weather on an excursion.  Woo hoo!

The morning passed slowly while my manservant sat in his reading chair with his new book.  Starlight and I napped, waking only for a bowl of popcorn in mid-morning.  We were roused when lunchtime approached and we were rewarded with a fine meal of barbecue pork, cabbage slaw and onion rings.  Yum.  As soon as we finished lunch Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile for excursion time.

The Hybridmobile purred to the opposite side of my Rez at my Saturday park after complaining of the gusty wind as we crossed the spillway.  Pooches, when we arrived at my park my Rez was churning and large waves roared ashore because of the strong wind.  Starlight and I had a grand time playing in the wind and trying to identify scents before they blew away.

My manservant finally said it was time to leave because he was cold and the afternoon of cocooning ahead awaited.  Starlight and I reluctantly climbed in the Hybridmobile but we were cheered when my manservant said we could play in the wind in our back yard in the afternoon.  That is what we will do, pooches, after our naps!


Pulled pork with barbecue sauce, onion rings, and cabbage slaw is a fine way to temporarily end our cocooning this morning.

Starlight, mind the incoming waves so you don’t get washed into my Rez.

At least the splashing of the waves hasn’t washed away the smells.

Would you go ask that man if we can take turns flying his kite?

I want a kite like that!

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