Declined excursion and eating instead

Pooches, our pack woke up quite stiff and sore this morning after yesterday’s vigorous excursion.  I was surprised when my manservant left in the dark for his walk/run park to complete his walk/run (accompanied by numerous grunts).  Breakfast was prepared when he returned to our den.  Starlight and I were disappointed when we reached the picnic bench and discovered that breakfast was my manservant’s version of something healthy.  We spent most of the morning reclining in the den and resting.

My manservant dutifully attended his yoga class (accompanied by much groaning).  Because we had not eaten any breakfast, Starlight and I demanded that he prepare lunch immediately upon his return.  We were soon back at our picnic bench enjoying beans and sausage while my manservant munched on a lettuce wedge.

In a surprise move, my manservant pulled out a bowl of apple dumplings for dessert!  We rarely eat dessert in our den but who can say no to apple dumplings?  It’s now time to return to our rest and recovery.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!  Hopefully our pack will be recovered from yesterday’s excursion.


You call granola, yogurt, walnuts and blueberries breakfast?

Finally, something we can eat. We’re starving!

You can eat your rabbit food but keep passing the sausages this way.

This is our version of dinner on the grounds. Who can say no to homemade apple dumplings?


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