The exploration continues…

Pooches, my manservant was up early this morning and headed to the not-so-nearby-village for an early morning appointment with his teeth vet.  Starlight and I fully expected him to stop by his walk/run park on his return but as he came in the den he said he was saving his energy for today’s excursion.  Starlight and I became concerned.

A wee bit of time was spent manicuring a portion of our back yard.  The remainder of the time was spent reading the new book my manservant purchased yesterday.  Lunchtime was quickly approaching when Cousin Maggie surprised us by arriving and announcing she was going to join our excursion!  Woo hoo!

The Hybridmobile was fully loaded and grunted under the heavy load as we headed to another excursion to my newly discovered trails on the north end of my Rez.  Hamburgers and chips were procured along the way and, packing our lunch in our pockets, we hurried to my park and immediately began exploring the trails.  It wasn’t long before hunger overtook our pack and a break was taken from hiking while we enjoyed the hamburgers and chips while standing.

Cousin Maggie was an enthusiastic hiker/explorer and we all agreed it was a mighty fine excursion after we returned to the Hybridmobile.  When we arrived at our den we bade Cousin Maggie farewell and immediately headed for much-needed afternoon naps!

Sunshine (now returning to my nap)

Preparing to manicure our back yard my manservant made a hearty breakfast of ham and cheese on the last of the onion rolls.


We’re beginning our adventure on my newly-discovered trails!

Our picnic had to be held standing up but we enjoyed the hamburgers anyway.

Which way are we supposed to go from here?

Starlight, we are almost back to the Hybridmobile.


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