Spooky excursion

Pooches, you’ll be glad to know that our pack got back to our normal routine today!  My manservant headed out early this morning for his walk/run at his walk/run park as usual.  Most of the remainder of the morning was spent by my manservant running numerous errands while Starlight and I worked on our morning naps.

When many of the errands had been completed, Starlight and I requested a spinach and olive pizza for lunch.  My manservant, always eager to please, returned to the market to acquire the necessary ingredients.  After bustling around the kitchen for half an hour the pizza was extracted from the stove box and we paraded out to our picnic bench.  Pooches, the pizza had been prepared perfectly and was delicious!  When we had our fill we complemented my manservant before heading to the Hybridmobile for our excursion.

Wanting an excursion destination that was a little out of the ordinary we told the Hybridmobile to pick a destination for us.  We were perplexed when the Hybridmobile headed down the lane in the opposite direction and soon realized we were heading to my abandoned road park = an excellent selection!  We rocked and rolled down the rugged lane until it became impassable.   Starlight pulled out her compass and we soon were hiking down the abandoned carriageway.

As usual, we arrived at the cemetery where we were on full alert.  The smells were abundant and we enjoyed a hearty stroll to and fro.  After encountering a few unusual sights and sounds it was decided our excursion best end and we scurried back to the Hybridmobile in an effort to keep up with my fleeing manservant!

When we were back in our Hybridmobile we declared the excursion a success and looked forward to enjoying slices of cold leftover pizza outside in the glorious fall weather when we returned to our den.


I hope it tastes as good as it smells!

This is always a spooky place with a lot of strange sounds.

How sad.

I think Starlight is becoming a ghost!

It may be a spooky place, Sunshine, but there are always good smells!

We best get started because we’ve a long walk back to the Hybridmobile.

That was a dandy excursion!


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