Excursionless Monday

Pooches, my manservant only pretended to go on his walk/run this morning and returned back to the den much earlier than usual and suspiciously free of sweat.  When queried about it he said its was going to be one of those days that was not going to go according to our normal routine.  Was he ever right!

In mid-morning he said he had to take a trip to the his favorite deli to obtain lunch for himself, my womanservant, Starlight, and me.  We were quite surprised that my womanservant was going to dine with us but my manservant explained that she was returning to our den to pick my manservant up before they traveled to a distant village for a four-hour lecture on a rather odd subject.  Pooches, Starlight and I had to catch our breath after rolling on the floor laughing for a wee bit.  Between guffaws we begged my manservant to explain but he was apparently offended by our response on moved into pouting mode and was not speaking.

Nevertheless, after a quick trip to the deli we found ourselves on the picnic bench enjoying a wee  bit of chicken spring rolls  before my manservant and womanservant headed off in the Hybridmobile to the aforementioned lecture.

Starlight and I are still laughing!


Don’t point those things at me!

That’s better.

We’re waiting to hear all about your afternoon lecture! (hee, hee)


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