A day with barbecue ribs is always a good day!

Pooches, instead of heading out this morning for his walk/run my manservant headed to his main vet instead.  He had an early morning appointment for his annual shots, I suppose.  After stopping by his walk/run park for his belated walk/run after his vet visit he returned to our den and reported that he had been stuck with needles not once, nor twice, but FIVE times!  Starlight and I shuddered and had pity on him for the remainder of the morning.

Excursion time arrived soon and, after stopping at the market for our picnic lunch, the Hybridmobile shuttled us to my park in the pine grove.  Lunch was thoroughly enjoyed in the boot of the Hybridmobile followed by a lengthy stroll along the shoreline.  The smells were average but the cool fall day combined with the barbecue ribs for lunch made it an above average excursion overall!

My manservant is interested in returning to our newly discovered trails on the north end of my Rez tomorrow.  Woo hoo!


Those barbecue ribs are not long for this world!

How many cypress knees does one tree need?

Sunshine, I’m going to look for smells in the SUNSHINE.

Starlight, let’s see who can count the most fish.

I love excursions this time of year!

I guess it is time to head back to our den for afternoon naps.


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