It is an early excursion for today

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his morning walk/run at his walk/run park this morning he advised us that an early excursion would be a wise decision because of the threat of rain and sauna-like heat later today.  After spending a bit of time in the kitchen cooking cream cheese biscuits and bangers for our picnic breakfast, my manservant called us to the Hybridmobile.  Our faithful Hybridmobile immediately headed down the lane with my school park as its destination.

When we arrived at my park we first headed to the waterfront where Starlight and I enjoyed ample smells scattered about and busily investigated each.  My manservant eventually encouraged us to leave the waterfront and head toward my multi-use trail for the heart of our excursion.  Starlight and I were game and immediately led the way across the carriageway and onto said trail.

Once again our sniffing skills were called to the forefront as scent after scent arose in our path.  We had the trail mostly to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed our perambulation toward my overlook.  Hunger finally got the best of us and we settled on the walkway in the middle of a bridge to enjoy our breakfast picnic!  The bangers and biscuits were as tasty as ever and it was with full bellies that we finally returned to the good ol’ Hybridmobile for our return to our den.

We had a pleasant surprise in store for us in mid-afternoon when my manservant spent a bit of time at the patio grill before presenting a fine specimen of Swiss cheese boeuf burger on an onion roll for lunch.  Haste was made to the picnic bench and short work was made of our very tasty lunch!

Afternoons are times for resting, pooches!  See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday.


We’re enjoying an early morning excursion at my school park before the rain and/or heat moves in for the day!

Starlight attempts to identify an unusual scent at the shoreline.

This little baby would make that new flowerbed you want a piece of cake!

Sunshine, it’s always exciting when we begin our excursion on your multi-use trail and anticipate our adventure.

The goldenrod is putting on quite a show this year.

Are you sure the authorities won’t mind us eating our breakfast in the middle of the bridge?

Our lunch is served quite late but a Swiss cheese boeuf burger is worth the wait!




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