Excursions resumed today.

Pooches, last week was a pitiful one for our routine!  There were no excursions, very few morning walks/runs as well as picnics.  After a busy weekend entertaining visitors Fred and  Buttons, Starlight and I vowed that our normal excursions would resume today despite needing a day of rest after entertaining our visitors all weekend.

My manservant managed to undertake his morning walk/run at his walk/run park before joining Starlight and me on the Davenport for a bit of rest and recovery.  It wasn’t long before yoga class beckoned my manservant.  Upon his return to our den a bit of time was spent in the kitchen preparing a cure-all meal of potato soup.  We paraded out to our picnic bench where soup was sipped while Starlight and I chomped on wheat crackers!

Despite the temptation to remain on the Davenport all afternoon, my manservant promised an excursion as soon as a termite inspector visited and completed his work.  Starlight was quite curious about why someone would want to inspect a termite.  I explained to her that it was really an inspection of our den and not of a termite.  After the air had been cleared of the confusion, we waited patiently for the inspector’s visit.

It was mid-afternoon before we finally we able to depart from the termite-free den and head to my overlook where I wanted to check on the progress of the work there.  We were pleased to note that it was in its final stages and according to my calculations my overlook should be cleared of all the equipment and fencing by week’s end.

It’s good to be back in our routine, pooches!


That’s quite the presentation for a bowl of potato soup!

They seem to be nearing the end of their work on my overlook shoreline.

Sunshine, they aren’t working. They’re playing in the water with that long float. Let’s go play with them!

It’s just not the same without my leaning tree.

Sunshine, they are still playing in the water.


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