Grand excursion with chili dogs!

Pooches, my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning and immediately went to work on the garden project he had worked on for most of the day yesterday.  He said he was a wee bit sore from the work yesterday but was determined to finish the work today.  It was mid-morning when he came inside and pronounced the project complete.  A soak in a hot bath followed.

A trip to the market occurred around lunch time.  Supplies were acquired for today’s lunch and dinner and my manservant immediately went to work preparing our lunch.  We were a wee bit later than usual leaving for our excursion.  Last weekend we had explored the newly discovered trails on the north end of my Rez and located an enchanting spot in the forest.  My manservant said he wanted to have our picnic lunch there today and the Hybridmobile immediately headed in that direction.

We arrived at our destination and the Hybridmobile located a place to park in the shade.  My manservant grabbed our lunch bag and tablecloth and we set off for the enchanted forest.  It was a fairly short hike and, after getting lost only a couple of times in the maze of trails, we finally picked a clear spot on the ground to place our tablecloth.  I knew that it was going to be a grand picnic when my manservant pulled two chili-cheese frankfurters from our lunch bag.  Woo hoo!

Following lunch we hiked a bit more before my manservant said his legs were still a wee bit wobbly from his morning of strenuous activity and suggested we return to the Hybridmobile.  Wimp.

Starlight and my womanservant are still in the faraway village at the agility competition.  It is going to be another long afternoon and evening of entertaining my manservant.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


Our breakfasts are becoming weirder: turnip greens, purple hull peas, green beans and mystery meat.

Keep alert for unicorns!

Congratulations on sitting on the ground with your legs crossed. Are you going to be able to get up?

Does it matter which chili/cheese frankfurter is mine?

That’s a mysterious looking depression in the ground.  I’ll bet it was a meteor.

We’re almost back to the Hybridmobile and my Rez.

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