Breakfast excursion for Starlight

Pooches, Starlight and my womanservant are leaving at lunch today for a distant village in a nearby state for the next four days to another agility competition.  My manservant declined to go on his walk/run this morning in order to have an early excursion while Starlight was still here so she wouldn’t miss four straight days of excursions.  We were all agreeable and, after my manservant prepared breakfast to enjoy on a picnic, we loaded the Hybridmobile and headed to my Trace.

We decided that we wanted to enjoy our breakfast and excursion stroll in solitude and selected my boundary park as our destination.  We were spot on in our selection of my park because we had my it to ourselves.  The Hybridmobile chose a nice shady spot in which to park and we immediately hopped into its boot to enjoy breakfast.  Pooches, what an odd breakfast it was!  My manservant had packed bagels with cream cheese that were slathered with a date and cumin chutney and accompanied by a bowl of fruit.  Thankfully my manservant had packed sausage for us pooches!  Feeling adventurous after we finished the sausage Starlight and I tried a wee bit of the bagel and chutney!

After breakfast we bounded to our Yockanookany trails and enjoyed a short sniffing session before Starlight declared that she wanted to return to our den to practice her agility before departing for the distant village.

My manservant and I bade farewell to Starlight and my womanservant after lunch and  I headed inside for an after lunch nap while my manservant remained outside for a wee bit of gardening.

It’s going to be a long weekend, Pooches, trying to entertain my manservant for four days!


We’re happy you brought sausage for us.

Starlight and I (dragging my manservant) head off to explore my trails.

The Yockanookany trail is calling my name!

It is a glorious fall day at my boundary park.

Starlight and I always like to carefully read the educational signs.

The faithful Hybridmobile patiently awaits our return from the trails.


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