Quiet day.

Pooches, there’s not much to say today other than we have enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day.  When my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he said his plans for today involved much sitting and reading.  He immediately implanted his plans.

When mid-morning came we decided to take a break from sitting and reading and stretch our legs.  We all hopped in the Hybridmobile to run a couple of errands to a produce stand and the pooch food store followed by a brief excursion.  After the errands were quickly completed the Hybridmobile took us to my overlook in order to inspect the progress of the vandalism to the shoreline there.  We growled as we saw the workers before taking advantage of our visit and sniffing throughout my overlook thoroughly.

After returning to our den we continued our sitting and reading before journeying to our picnic bench to enjoy lunch.  Sad to say, pooches, but my manservant decided to repent for yesterday’s boeuf bonanza and prepared only a green salad.  Yuk.

It is back to sitting and reading this afternoon.


If it’s a “shoreline restoration” I want to know if they are going to restore my leaning tree they murdered! Didn’t think so!

Starlight, we have plenty of smells to investigate today.

Starlight and I decided to do our own walk/run.

I’m’ in contemplation at my overlook.

The Hybridmobile passed a doe and her wee fawn as we returned to our den after the excursion.

What do you mean a green salad is all we are having for lunch? We’ll starve!



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